Welcome to BEST Team Papua’s Website

Martin, Jim, Ray, and Akes in front of our honay in Obia, Baliem Valley.

BEST stands for

The BEST team travels the world in search of birds, scholarship, and adventure.

The BEST Team Papua began in December 2016. We traveled for two months in Papua, then moved to Bali for four months. Now we are traveling in Papua again. We will travel around Indonesia for the rest of this year. In March, 2018, we will travel to America. Read about our members at the tab above.

One goal of the BEST Team Papua is to develop Papuan bird guides who have international birding experience. Papua has some excellent native bird guides, but their experience is strictly local. We hope that our BEST Team Papua members will return to be birding guides with knowledge of birds around the world.

The BEST team Bali traveled from December 2012 until September, 2016. First we traveled during school vacations to Bali, Java, Sulawesi, Singapore, West Malaysia, Kalimantan, East Malaysia, and Papua. In March 2016, we went to America for six months. Read more about the BEST team Bali at the tab above.